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Making History at POWER: Kelli Perkins

In honor of Black History Month, we’re celebrating a few the Black and African-American women making history right here at POWER.


Kelli Perkins

At POWER since 2008
Starting position: 
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Current position: Sr. Administrative Assistant

Kelli is passionate about giving to others. Whether it’s buying a gift, sharing her delicious recipes and cooking skills, or giving words of encouragement; she believes that it’s the little things in life that make people happy. If she can make at least one person happy then her deed for the day is done!


What Kelli’s Colleagues Say

Kelli has been with POWER for 4 years, and has been working in the Intake Department, the behind-the-scenes team member that makes things happen! She is considerate and invested in the team, clients and mission. She has been open to learning and gaining skills and really grown over the past 4 years.

-Rachel Wagner (Central Intake Program Manager)

Kelli is such a welcoming and warm soul. From helping with client needs, being a friendly face with a smile and hello, to offering popcorn to me when she makes it, Kelli is a delightful asset to POWER.

-Kylee Rae (Mentor)

Kelli makes you feel welcome and accepted by the intake team. She is always available to answer questions, offer her assistance in any way she can or just to lend an ear or a shoulder if needed. Kelli has a very important role at POWER, every single client and referral comes through her first. She is able to effortlessly multitask, stay organized and overall is great at her job. Kelli is just an amazing person overall. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with her.

-Cynthia Wright-Jones (Intake Specialist)

Who Inspires Kelli

The clients at POWER inspire Kelli to do her job. It makes her feel good to give words of encouragement and assist others in getting the help they need. She is grateful that the clients are always receptive and touched by her words.

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