Anyone can call the POWER Line, including women or men who are struggling with substance use and those concerned about a loved one.



POWER provides Level of Care assessments through our Central Intake department. We serve all genders and ages for our assessments, then link the client with appropriate treatment or service providers. Referrals to POWER can come from any source to begin the process of screening and scheduling the client. The POWER Line is 412-243-8755.

A Certified Assessment Center

POWER is one of five Certified Assessment Centers (CACs) in Allegheny County. The CACs are the preferred pathway to the Allegheny County drug and alcohol treatment system. All Allegheny County residents will be served regardless of the type of funding they have, or lack thereof.

5 Qualified Allegheny County CACs:

Timely Assessments, Comprehensive Screening and Assessment Tool

The CACs’ responsibilities include conducting level of care assessments (LOCA) in a timely manner. The Allegheny County Office of Behavioral Health Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc., and Community Care Behavioral Health, along with the CAC providers, developed universal screening and assessment tools that are comprehensive and contain all of the information required to make a level of care determination.

Timely and Unbiased Referrals to Treatment and Non-treatment Services

CACs will make referrals based on the preference of the person seeking treatment and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level of care determination. CACs will ensure linkage to services and follow-up to confirm admission and to encourage engagement or reengagement into services as necessary.

Direct Admissions to the Allegheny County Drug and Alcohol Provider Service System

It is requested that if the CAC has conducted a LOCA this process not be duplicated by the provider receiving the referral. These referrals will be considered a “direct admit” so that the burden of completing multiple assessments, the individual retelling their story, and creating unnecessary barriers in accessing treatment are removed.

Contact POWER's Central Intake Department

Have a question about any of our programs? Want to make a referral? Send a message to our Central Intake Department. Someone will respond within one business day.