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Relief, Sadness, Hope

It’s with much relief, some hope, and a heavy heart that I write to you the day after the Chauvin verdict – guilty on all three counts.

A heavy heart for obvious reasons; we shouldn’t have had to hold our breath while waiting for the verdict. We should’ve been able to trust the justice system to work. There should not have been so much anxiety around awaiting an outcome, an outcome should have been obvious. My heart is heavy because even with the right verdict, George Floyd isn’t here anymore. His family and friends feel his loss and their pain may change over time, but will never end.  And, sadly, the murder of George Floyd is a devastating reminder of the ongoing discrimination, inequities, and brutality against Black and Brown people in our country.

Yet, I feel relief and hope. There is a sense of feeling there was actually some accountability with the verdict and, some hope for the future. Of course, the real accountability will come when policing reflects a respect for humanity.

Please know that we stand with our co-workers and friends who’ve experienced discrimination and racism and we’re committed to working for racial justice.

The mixed feelings are human and reflect the complexity of life with all its joys and all its injustices. Both/and – sadness and hope.

Here’s hoping that yesterday’s verdict, at least in some small way, brings healing to the Floyd family and to all people of color and to all of us.

Be gentle with yourselves and with each other.



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