Anyone can call the POWER Line, including women or men who are struggling with substance use and those concerned about a loved one.

Next Year’s Recovery Story Starts Here

Something wonderful happened this year!

On June 3, 2021 Carly received keys to her private bedroom at POWER House.

Welcoming staff greeted her with care and compassion. Soon, she would meet other members of her new community, women like her who would learn to empower each other on their recovery journeys. This was the chance she’d been waiting for, the chance to rebuild her life after addiction.

Carly made the most of that chance. Over the next five months, she worked through treatment with her therapist and became a peer facilitator for other women at the POWER House. She also attended
culinary classes.

graduation banner celebration

On October 15, Carly graduated from POWER House. The same loving staff that welcomed her five months earlier celebrated her success with a special party, banner, and graduation sash.

Donations from people like you made this journey possible for Carly.

Carly is now living in her own apartment and attending classes at a local university. Her recovery continues.

But there is another woman battling addiction who still needs help.

This is your chance to make next year’s recovery stories possible by making a donation today.